AbbeyPet specialises in animal behaviour and training, providing a pet behaviour consultancy for dogs, cats and other companion animals with behaviour problems.  We offer ethical behaviour management and training, firmly based in science.

If you have a pet with a behaviour problem, a worrying habit, or you just want some advice and guidance with training and management, AbbeyPet can help.

Dog Behaviour

Animal Behaviour | Dog behaviour - happy dog

Is your dog:
  • Nervous or fearful?
  • Aggressive to other dogs or people?
  • Barking excessively?
  • Guarding food, toys or other objects?
  • Destructive?
  • House soiling?

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Cat Behaviour

Animal Behaviour | Cat Behaviour - cute ginger kitten

Is your cat:
  • Fighting with other cats?
  • Biting or scratching people?
  • House soiling?
  • Spraying?
  • Nervous or fearful?
  • Staying away from home?

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Dog Training

Animal Behaviour - Dog training, puppy training and lifeskills

Would you like your puppy or adult dog to learn to:
  • Be confident
  • Listen
  • Settle down
  • Come back
  • Walk nicely on a loose lead
  • Be able to greet people politely without jumping up at them

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If so, then we can help.  We offer the following services:

  • Dog or Cat Behaviour consultations in the comfort of your own home – fees may be partly or fully covered by your insurance policy. With the increased threat of Coronavirus we’re trying to do our bit to help keep everyone safe, for as long as possible.
    Key to spreading out the onset of the peak of the virus is social distancing, and following the handwashing and cleaning advice.

    I am therefore suspending all home visits in order to avoid close contact and the potential to unwittingly pass on the virus between clients.

    Instead, from Monday March 16th, most (if not all) consultations will be virtual (remote). I already use this method for a number of clients and have found that these virtual consultations are as effective as home visits and for many cases they’re more effective.

  • One-to-one training lessons.
  • In-home puppy training course if you can’t get to classes
  • Puppy Home Start session – so you know what to expect and do when puppy first comes home

Methods used at AbbeyPet

All training and behaviour modification uses kind, fair and effective methods, based upon scientifically proven learning theory.  I believe strongly that flexibility and adaptability are key to helping people achieve a happy and positive relationship with their pets.  Read more…


Jo Whitehead, Companion Animal Behaviourist.  Specialist in pet animal behaviour.

Jo Whitehead PhD is a fully qualified and experienced ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist, having been actively involved in animal behaviour and welfare research for over 17 years.  She is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).