Are you looking for a dog behaviourist to help you with your dog’s problem behaviour?  If so, keep reading to find out how to get the best possible behaviour help you and your dog deserve.

Consultations for Dog Behaviour Problems

Dog behaviour problems such as aggression can be difficult to manage

We offer a range of options to help you to choose the one that is most appropriate.  Every situation is a bit different so we tailor the treatment plan to suit your dog and their problems. Most packages include an initial assessment and several practical skills training sessions plus regular phone, email or Skype support.  This allows you to learn and implement the skills necessary and us to check on your progress and set new goals. We may also ask for videos so we can see what happens when we’re not there.

Behaviour assessment:

In the present circumstances, assessments are currently being carried out remotely, using phone calls, Zoom calls, videos and email.  The package includes:

Assessment of your dog’s temperament and personality, contact with your vet, discussion and investigation of the behaviour, demonstration of practical skills/management, production of a report outlining the issue and a personalised behaviour modification plan for your dog.  Also included is 6 weeks phone / Zoom support.


Behaviour follow up

A follow-up appointment of approximately 1 hour.  This can take place either in your own home, in a suitable and relevant outdoor location or on a supported practice walk, depending upon the requirements of your dog behaviour modification programme.  These sessions are designed to support dedicated owners in the weeks and months following the initial assessment as you continue to implement your training plans. Behaviour doesn’t change overnight, and we’re here to help and keep you on the right track!



  • Travel charges @ 50p per mile.
  •   Travel charges @ 50p per mile will also be added for the follow-up visit(s).