Consultations for other Companion Animal Behaviour Problems (eg. rabbits, parrots)

Other companion animals, like parrots and rabbits, can also exhibit behaviour problems.  This can range from being worried about being approached or handled, aggression towards yourself or others, to feather-plucking in parrots.  


Your Companion Animal Behaviour consultation covers:

A home behaviour consultation of approximately 2-3 hours (offered between the hours of 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday).

Contact with your vet.

An immediate action plan for you to follow.

A written behaviour consultation report emailed / posted to you.

A copy of the consultation report emailed / posted to your referring veterinary surgeon.

Detailed and individual Behaviour Modification Programme for your pet.

Email follow-up and support.



  • If you live within a 10 mile radius of the clinic (YO17 9AD), no travelling charges will be applied.
  • For every mile over this 10 mile radius an additional 50p per mile will be added to the consultation visit charge.
  • Evening appointments (6pm and after) may be available but will incur a surcharge of £50.
  • One-hour follow-up visits at a cost of £35.  Travelling charges may be incurred as above.


Parrots are popular companion animals and sadly often exhibit behaviour problems.
Companion Animal Behaviour problems can occur with rabbits