Pet Behaviour Problems

Pet behaviourist | Pet behaviour problems solvedAbbeyPet provides professional help to resolve your pet behaviour problems in Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East.  If your pet's behaviour is causing you problems or worry, I can help you to understand why your pet is behaving the way it is and how you can overcome the problem.  I offer behavioural consultations for dog behaviour problems, cat behaviour problems and also behaviour issues shown by other companion animals such as rabbits and parrots.

Most of the time we have a mutually rewarding and understanding relationship with our pets. Sometimes, though, they can behave in ways that we find difficult to understand or manage.
Behaviour problems shown by our cats, dogs and other companion animals are very varied and can include aggression, destructiveness, barking, self-mutilation, toileting problems, marking, nervousness, problems with car travel and general control.   
There is so much conflicting information available to pet owners in books, magazines, on the internet and from well-meaning friends and relatives that we sometimes feel we can't do right for doing wrong.  These "one size fits all" solutions to our animals' problems can be difficult, time-consuming and often, sadly, make matters worse if the underlying reason for the behaviour is not correctly diagnosed.  While behaviour modification does take time, patience and effort, as a professional pet behaviourist, I can develop treatment plans that are tailored to your individual pet's problem and that are also suitable for your own circumstances.  All pet behaviour therapy consultations are conducted in line with the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors guidelines. 

If you are a veterinary surgeon and would like to refer one of your clients to AbbeyPet Animal Behaviour Clinic for a behaviour consultation, please follow this link to download a British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA) veterinary referral form.  Alternatively, please feel free to contact me.

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